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Water Analysis Performance Tools for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Measuring and monitoring water quality in your wastewater or boiler and cooling applications are essential for controlling energy costs. Hach Company, the recognized experts in water quality, offers a full range of process and laboratory instruments to detect and monitor water quality. Our technologies match the unique demands of the Pulp & Paper industry to improve process efficiency, maximize up-time, and confidently stay in compliance.

Whatever your water analysis challenge, Hach has the most complete solution including a broad offering of easy-to-maintain on-line instrumentation, accurate laboratory equipment, comprehensive test kits, and high-quality prepared reagents, measuring the broadest range of test parameters in the industry.

Product Spotlight  

ORBISPHERE K1100, Luminescent Oxygen Sensor - Power

ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor

The Orbisphere K1100 luminescent oxygen sensor sets the industry standards for oxygen measurement by offering "peace of mind" to every water chemistry manager.

  • Optical technology eliminates membrane and electrolyte to minimize maintenance
  • Fast response and annual calibration
  • Accuracy in ppb oxygen measurement


3100 ORBISPHERE LDO portable measuring & logging instrument - Industrial (US)

3100 ORBISPHERE LDO portable measuring & logging instrument - Industrial (US)

Using Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) technology, the ORBISPHERE 3100 analyzer is guaranteed to improve process efficiency and provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements.

  • Real data confidence for process efficiency
  • Robust design that endures harsh environments
  • Fast response time and accurate measurements

Key Parameters  


Total Suspended Solids SOLITAX® sc Turbidity Analyzer
Dissolved Oxygen (wastewater) Process LDO®
Dissolved Oxygen (power) 31100 Oxygen Sensor
Dissolved Oxygen (power) K1100 Oxygen Sensor
Sodium 9245 Sodium Analyzer
Silica Series 5000 Silica Analyzer
Hardness APA 6000
Chlorine CL17 Chlorine Analyzer
Organics UVAS Sensor