Application - Organics Monitoring

How it Works  

Organics Monitoring

Industrial wastewater can vary widely in volume and composition. Unexpected leaks or spills in production areas can send highly concentrated slugs to the wastewater plant unannounced, wreaking havoc on the treatment system.

Chemical Cost Savings  

This can result in spending thousands of dollars on destroyed microbiology, permit violations, and fines. Not only are process upsets detrimental to the wastewater treatment process, but they also cost processors millions of dollars each year in product loss. With online instrumentation from Hach, you can detect process upsets early to divert waste streams, adjust treatment processes, and alert production of unnecessary product loss. How would more frequent or real time monitoring help you see the BIG picture?

Product Solutions  

Online Solutions

TOC: On-line TOC Guide
UV: UVAS sc Sensor
Suspended Solids/Turbidity: SOLITAX® sc Sensor
TSS sc Family OverviewPDF
Automatic Samplers: Sigma Samplers
Data Managment Software: Hach Water Information Management Solutions

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