Application - Dissolved Air Flotation Optimization

How it Works  


In industrial processing plants, a DAF is often used to reduce loadings and clarify wastewater. Tiny air bubbles are released into the tank causing small particulates to float to the top where they are skimmed off. To remove larger suspended solids, coagulant is dosed into the feed water—this helps to speed up clumping and settling.

Chemical Cost Savings  

Typically, chemical is dosed to the DAF based on flow rate, but dosing based on flow ignores one major factor-the solids concentration! This leads to under and overdosing which could waste chemicals, increase hauling costs, and result in fines.

With Hach suspended solids probes, you can overcome this challenge by monitoring solids concentration in real-time and adjusting chemical feed based on the needs of the system. How would more frequent or real time monitoring help you see the BIG picture?

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