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DR 3900 TKN Package with Single Block Reactor

Product #: DR3900TKN01
USD Price: $4,930.00


Kit has everything needed to run Hach's Simplified TKN (s-TKN™) Method. Includes: DR 3900 Spectrophotometer (Item LPV440.99.00012), DRB200 Single Block Reactor (Item LTV082.53.30001), s-TKN TNTplus™ Reagent Set (Item TNT880).
The s-TKN Method uses TNTplus technology, offering safer pre-measured chemistries that work exclusively with the Hach DR Family of Spectrophotometers (DR 2800™, DR 3900™, and DR 5000™). The chemistry vials require no preparation or glassware (no cleanup!) and enable the spectrophotometer to automatically recognize the testing method, eliminating the need to pre-program or create calibration curves. No blank is required, further reducing expense.
With the s-TKN system costs are under $4 per test - this represents an annual savings of over $550 compared to outsourcing TKN on a monthly basis. The s-TKN system minimizes training and equipment requirements by offering a test that anyone can perform.
Note: Available only in the US.

  • Guided Procedure
  • Elimination of False Readings
  • Hands Free Updates
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • Sample Tracking

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