DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer with RFID* Technology

DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer with RFID* Technology
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Traceability starts with sampling

Reduce errors. Use RFID* technology and trace your samples back to the sample location. All important information, such as the sample location, sample taker, date and time are saved on an RFID* tag on the sample bottle. And you can transfer this
data to the laboratory in seconds using RFID* in the DR 3900.

IBR+ increases the reliability of your measurement values

Lot number and expiry date information is now included on the 2D barcode, this additional information is transferred to the instrument and documented with the measurement value.

Rapid data updates

RFID technology automatically updates the program calibration factors when you place a TNTplus box near the machine.
*RFID technology currently available in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia only.

Quality assurance made easy with AQA+

QA procedures can now be easily defined and documented within the instrument without additional software. Current batch certificates (for the purpose of GMP/GLP results documentation) can be found on the RFID* tag on the cuvette box. Thanks to this RFID* technology, all batch-specific information can be retrieved immediately on the DR 3900 and printed out.

Alignment of laboratory and process analysis

You can compare your process result with the lalaboratory reference value in the photometer via the LINK2SC connection between the SC controller and the DR 3900. Data can be exchanged via Ethernet bi-directionally, eg, matrix corrections
from process probes can be sent directly from the laboratory.

  What's in the box?

Includes: Adapter A for 1 in. round and 1 cm square cells, matched pair of 1 in. square glass sample cells, light shield, dust cover, printed basic user manual and benchtop power supply with 115 and 230V power cords.


Beam Height: 10
Data Logger: 2000 measured values (Result, Date, Time, Sample ID, User ID)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 151 mm x 350 mm x 255 mm
Display: 7" TFT
Display Size: 7 inch
Display Type: Coloured touch-screen
Enclosure Rating: IP30
Height: 151 mm
Includes: Adapter "A" for 1" round + Accuvac/1 cm rectangular cuvettes, manual in 5 languages (GB, D, F, I, E), power supply 100 - 240V, 47 - 63Hz.
Light Source: Gas-filled Tungsten (visible)
Manual Languages: English
French (CDN)
Spanish (SA)
Portuguese (BR)
Max. operating humidity: 80
Max. Storage Humidity: 80
Operating Conditions: 10 °C to 40 °C
Operating Mode: Transmittance (%), Absorbance and Concentration, Scanning
Optical System: Reference beam, spectral
Photometric Accuracy: 5 mAbs at 0.0 to 0.5 Abs
Photometric Accuracy 2: 1 % at 0.50 to 2.0 Abs
Photometric Linearity: < 0.5 % to 2 Abs
Photometric Linearity 2: ≤ 0.01 % at >2 Abs with neutral glass at 546 nm
Photometric Measuring Range: ± 3.0 Abs (wavelength range 340 to 900 nm)
Power Requirements: With external power supply
Power Requirements (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Power Requirements (Voltage): 110 - 240 V AC
Power Supply: Benchtop Power Supply
Preprogrammed Methods: > 240
Sample Cell Compatibility: 13 mm round, 16 mm round, 1 cm & 5 cm rectangular, 1" round, 1" square
Scanning Speed: 8 nm/S (in steps of 1 nm)
Source Lamp: Gas-filled Tungsten (visible)
Specific Technology: RFID for easy method update, sample ID and Certificate of Analysis
Spectral Bandwidth: 5 nm
Storage Conditions: -30 °C to 60 °C
Stray Light: < 0.1 % T at 340 nm with NaNO2
User Interface Languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish,
Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,
Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Polish, Portuguese - Brasilian, Potuguese,
Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slowenian,
Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
User Programs: 100
Warranty: 12 months
Wavelength Accuracy: ± 1.5 nm (wavelength range 340 to 900 nm)
Wavelength Calibration: Automatic
Wavelength Range: 320 to 1100 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility: ± 0.1 nm
Wavelength Resolution: 1 nm
Wavelength Selection: Automatic, based on method selection
Weight: 9.26 lbs. (4.2 kg)