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DR1900 Portable Spectrophotometer (9624700)
including USB+Power module (LZV813)

Good reasons to replace your old HACH portable colorimeters and spectrophotometers

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OLD MODEL:  DR2000, DR2010, DR2400, DR2500


NEW:   DR1900

  Method selection   Method selection
    Do you have difficulty remembering the method number of your test?     Push the option button, select the method by parameter or test number
    Do you feel you are wasting time searching in the procedure manual for the right method number to     type in DR2xxx?     More than 200 methods are stored in the colorimeter for direct access
    Do you think a manual adjustment of the necessary wavelength is "outdated" / "oldfashioned"     Wavelength is set by selected method or test number or parameter
  Information shown on display   Information shown on display
    Are you missing details on the measurement and results screen?     Measurement progress, parameter, method, sample and operator ID, date&time, are shown on one screen
    Are you missing menus and clear text messages to giude through settings and operation of the spectrophotometer?     26 languages for menu and full text messages
    Are you missing operator and sample IDs using alphanumeric characters?     Use complete alphabeth and specific characters to identify your sample or yourself as operator
    Are you missing date & time on screen during measurement and setup?     Be sure that date and time are stored with each measurement, displayed on screen
  Connectivity   Connectivity
    Do you feel RS232 interface is technically outdated?     A USB interface is still THE standard.
    Are you having problems connecting a RS232 cable to your PC?     Current PCs have USB, wifi and bluetooth -  RS232 is redundant
    Are you missing a USB interface for general connection to peripherals and LIMS?     USB offers easy connection to any PC
  Design and technical specs   Design and technical specs
    Do you think after more than 20 years the DR20xx series is outdated in function and design?     Modern design, look and feel
    How do you feel about obsolete replacement and service parts for DR20xx series in nearer future?     Up to date technique guarantees service and replacement long term
    When did you last run a software update and was the access difficult?     Simple USB download of latest software updates from HACH web.
    Tungsten lamp generates heat which reduces lifetime     Xenon flash lamp generates no heat and with ultra short flashes the lifetime is extensive
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1x  (9624700) DR1900 portable spectrophotometer including USB+Power module (LZV813)