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Process Instrument Verification

December 7, 2016
8:00am - 4:00pm
Miami Water Plant
3210 Chuck Wagner Lane
Dayton, OH, USA
$125.00 (class only) or $400 (with PCII Kit offer) - see details below
State Approved:
Hours Approved:
6.5 hours DW/WW

This workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the operation and maintenance of chlorine and turbidity process analyzers. Proper calibration and verification techniques for each instrument will be described in presentations and practiced in a hands-on laboratory environment. The course objectives will be met by presenting theory, incorporating practical applications of analytical techiques, and through demonstrations and hands-on practice using on-line and laboratory instrumentation.

There are 2 options for attendees:

Option 1: Attend the class only for $125.00 and get CEU hours

Option 2: Attend class for $400, get CEU hours, and receive a Pocket Colorimeter II kit for chlorine plus accessories (an $800.00 value)